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Concert: The Unused Word / Nødstop (AT)


19.00 - 20.00


Car-Free Avenue
Jaani 5, Tartu, Tartu maakond, Eesti



To celebrate the year as the European Capital of Culture, Car-Free Avenue is taking on an international dimension. On August 8th, Austrian artist The Unused Word / Nødstop will take the stage!

Anna Schauberger (*1985) is a singer, music producer, choir leader, composer and occasional rapper from Upper Austria. Her interests span from enjoying fleeting acoustic moments with her choir members to diligently shaping tiny nuances within her electronic music productions. Her label home is Duzz Down San (Vienna), an Austrian collective of musical artists predominantly consisting of HipHop and electronic music artists and DJs. Duzz Down San was the label where she released her debut EP „infinity“ in 2013, and since then she has been consistently releasing EPs, a solo album, two duo albums under the name Nødstop, as well as instrumental contributions to the Duzz Up! label compilations with them. Her other works include a remix project for a composers’ forum, as well as a composition based on a mathematic formula (both on ein_klang records), and a vocal composition for four voices (‚White‘). Anna is also a passionate workshop director for creative writing & lyrics, as well as singing and vocal coaching – be it for young kids, teenagers, or adults.

Her main focus lies on supporting female* and queer people, as well as being an outspoken advocate for the destigmatization of mental illnesses. As a neurodivergent person with AuDHD, she likes to raise awareness of how differently these neurodevelopmental disorders can present particularly in women*. While mostly working under the name The Unused Word and making rather slow-paced, warm and embracing music, a sudden spark of fed-up feminism hit her heart in the mid-2010s, and that’s when she decided to create a feminist rap alter ego named Yolo Ferrari. In retrospect, Schauberger sees the music she created as The Unused Word as mostly representative of her autistic needs for less stimulation and more isolation, while her songs under the name Yolo Ferrari were finally feeding her more impulsive side as well. As Yolo Ferrari, she also co-founded a feminist rap group called 4x4cl with three male colleagues in 2017. In 2019 Schauberger co-founded the duo Nødstop with her longtime Duzz Down San colleague, collaborator and friend, DJ Testa (also of Restless Leg Syndrome). This music perfectly combines all of Schaubergers musical needs – from slow songs to elaborate electronic tracks, and mainly dark, but also very vulnerable and soft at times. Nødstop have released two albums so far: „Ø“ (2019), and „NØ“ (2024; both on Duzz Down San, Vienna).

At her solo concert in Tartu, Anna Schauberger will be playing both songs created by her under the name The Unused Word, as well as songs from both Nødstop albums.

Additional fun fact: Schauberger is the great-granddaugther of Austrian water scientist Viktor Schauberger.

Anna’s music:

Come with family or friends to enjoy great music and a good atmosphere! The concert is FREE!


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