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Festival Glasperlenspiel concert: Seto jaani kirmas [Zetod]


15.00 - 16.00


Car-Free Avenue
Jaani 5, Tartu, Tartu maakond, Eesti



A Sunday concert at the Car-Free Avenue has become a tradition of the Festival Glasperlenspiel. This time we get to enjoy a true Seto party through the music of the beloved folk band Zetod.

Once again the visitors of Car-Free Avenue have a special opportunity to take part of the Festival Glasperlenspiel taking place in the city.
It is worth noting that on July 7, the day of the concert, is also traditionally the day of midsummers celebration in Seto culture. The ensemble Zetod, who celebrated its 20th anniversary last year, began in 2003 as a youth band and gained attention with their special folk-rock sound. By now they have already released seven studio albums and received many awards and recognition. In addition to Estonia, Seto music culture has been introduced in Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Finland, the United States, France, Belgium, Poland and Russia. Zetos consists of members Jalmar Vabarna, Matis Leima, Artur Linnus, Martin Kütt and Jaanus Viskar.

The concert is FREE!

The main program of the Festival Glasperlenspiel will take place on the 4th until the 9th of July in Tartu St. John’s Church. You can find out more about the festival program here: https://www.erpmusic.com/events/klaasparlimang-2024/


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