Tartu korraldab

Tartu 2024 Song and Dance Celebration


16. - 22.06
Hetkel toimub
All Day


City of Tartu

The song and dance celebrations in Tartu have been merged for the first time to tell the story of finding true happiness by giving value and appreciation to our roots.

Our party week looks beyond the individual to demonstrate the importance of curiosity and an open mind in a person, allowing us to work together as a strong community. The week-long celebration of eight unique events brings almost 2,300 Tartu County dancers onto the green and almost 10,000 singers & musicians under the song arch.

Learn more about the Tartu Song and Dance Celebration at tartulaulupidu.ee and purchase tickets from Piletilevi!

Tartu 2024 Song and Dance Celebration is a part of the European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 side programme.


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